Well Test Engineering

well test engineering

NauticAWT are experts in the provision of well testing supervision and management for exploration and appraisal programs. Our status as a truly independent engineering consultancy is seen as important to many of our Clients seeking non-aligned advice.

Our engineers have significant experience in floating, jack up, deep water, platform and land based testing operations. Our extensive regional knowledge, well design and well management processes (Well Test Framework), and learning system database (CapltAL) means we offer independent, efficient, cost effective well test management services.

Well Test Management

  • NauticAWT’s well test experience ranges from low risk onshore appraisal drilling to hazardous remote deep water exploration wells.

Well Test Planning

  • NauticAWT’s basis of design deliverables provides an excellent tool which enables all vendors, i.e. subsea, DST, TCP, SWT, sampling, completion tool and slick-line, to develop a uniform mindset and reduce the likelihood of miscommunication.

Hazard/Risk Assessment

  • HAZID (Hazard Identification) is to identify any campaign / well specific hazards and find ways of mitigating these risks.

Well Test Programme

  • The operational procedure will include preparation and commissioning of test equipment, installation of the test string, procedure for establishing communication to the reservoir, procedure for cleaning up and flowing the well, procedure for well kill.

Well Testing Manual

  • This includes coverage of the well test programme together with expanded detail on specific procedures (i.e.: emergency response, hydrate contingency planning, unlatch procedures, tubing leak procedures etc.)

Tubing Stress Analysis

  • NauticAWT is able to perform triaxial tubing stress analysis and tubing movement studies for a well test string. This may be used to optimise the space out of a string or loads to be applied to the packer. Landmark’s WellCAT software is routinely used for this work.

On-Site Well Test Supervision

  • NauticAWT’s experienced team provides well site test supervision with a recognised track record of good HSE management.

Well Test Interpretation

  • NauticAWT provides comprehensive analysis of data from vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.

QA/QC  and Equipment Inspections

  • NauticAWT customises inspections to assist our Clients in determining whether their current procedures and equipment meet industry standards and conform to any applicable Statutory or Classification requirements.

Coordination of Service Providers / Procurement

  • NauticAWT’s independent tendering process draws on an extensive range and in-depth knowledge of recognised vendors to ensure our clients receive cost effective fit-for-purpose surface and down hole equipment.

Knowledge Management

  • To meet a growing demand in the Oil & Gas Industry to minimise the inevitable cost of repeated mistakes, NauticAWT developed the “Capture It and Learn” (CapItAL) system. CapItAL is a web-enabled database system that facilitates the capture and dissemination of learning to all authorized team members belonging to an inhouse or geographically dispersed organisation.