Ultra Lightweight Cementitious Composite (ULCC) Materials for Floating Structures

ultra lightweight cemtitious composite ULCC

NauticAWT’s Ultra Lightweight Cementitious Composite (ULCC) materials is developed for the design and construction of corrosion-resistant floating structures including cargo barges and other utility floating structures.

The ULCC series is based on the same advanced binder technology as our UHPC and HPC materials. In order to reduce the material weight, high quality high strength hollow microspheres are introduced. This, together with optimised filler grading, have resulted in the unique characteristics of extreme strength-to-weight ratios.

The unique material technology produces ultra-high density materials with very low permeability and thereby high resistance against ingress of chlorides, sulphate and other types of chemical degradation. NaX™ materials with dense nanostructure further result in a series of unique mechanical behaviours such as high compression and flexural strength for a lightweight material.

In general, cementitious materials shrink over time and can result in reduced or no adhesion to a steel structure. In order to overcome this issue, all NaX™ materials have been compensated for their shrinkages and therefore have a unique longstanding high adhesion to steel.

 Performance Data   NaX™C50
 Compressive Strength, MPa  50
 Static Modulus of Elasticity, GPa  17
 Tensile Strength, MPa  3
 Flexual Strength, MPa  6
 Density, kg/m3  1400
 Poisson’s Ratio  0.25
 Flow Consistency, mm   320
 Chloride Penetration Class  Very Low
 Shrinkage, 0/00  0.15