High Performance Cementitious (HPC) Materials for Subsea Applications

HPC high performance cementitious materials

NauticAWT’s portfolio of HPC materials includes NaX™ Q80 and NaX™ Q110 products and these are typically used for pile-sleeve and pile-leg grouting for installation of jackets, monopods, tripods, PLEMs, transition pieces for offshore foundations and mooring anchors for tension-leg platforms, semi submersible drilling and production rigs (“SEMIs”) and floating production storage and offloading vessels.

The HPC materials have similar basis structure as our UHPC materials, but are designed to meet the special demands of very high and long-distance flows and rapid strength development reaching more than 50 MPa in 24 hours (at 25 deg C).

At the same time, the products have unique material performance with a dense material structure which result in materials with very low permeability and therefore high resistance to ingress of chlorides, sulphate and other types of chemical degradation together with high mechanical behaviour such as high compression, high flexural strength and high E-modulus.

Although the materials have a very high flow and relatively low viscosity due to shrinkage compensation, the material shrinkage is still very low with a high adhesion to steel.

For offshore installations, it is very important to have a material that can be pumped over long distances in long period of time at both high and low temperatures. At the same time it is important to get high early strength even at low temperature in order to save valuable offshore time.

NaX™ Premix series has the required parameters and its product can be selected to fulfil the actual needed offshore demands to a grout material.

Performance Data NaX™Q80 NaX™Q110
Compressive Strength, MPa 80 110
Static Modulus of Elasticity, GPa 35 37
Tensile Strength, MPa 7 8
Flexual Strength, MPa 15 17
 Density, kg/m3  2290  2320
 Poisson’s Ratio  0.20  0.20
 Flow Consistency, mm  300  330
 Chloride Penetration Class  Low  Very Low
 Shrinkage, 0/00  0.15  0.15