Underwater Jacket Repair at B55 Platform

NauticAWT has completed the Underwater Jacket Repair at B55 Platform under B127 Cluster Pipeline RTR Project. Sapura Energy requested NauticAWT to strengthen two members at Platform B55 by infill grouting….

/ 02 Jan 2018 /

Skirt Pile Grouting for Zawtika Development Project

NauticAWT has been contracted by Sapura Offshore Sdn Bhd to carry out skirt pile grouting for Zawtika Development Project Phase 1C. NauticAWT will provide all the materials, grout spread and…

/ 26 Sep 2017 /

Subsea Strengthening Services for Sarawak Shell Berhad

NauticAWT has recently completed the provision of subsea strengthening method to repair corroded surface casings of wellheads at a platform offshore Sarawak, East Malaysia. Upon visual inspection of the platform…

/ 14 Aug 2017 /

NauticAWT provides assessment of Molikpaq Offshore Platform

NauticAWT has been engaged to provide an assessment of Molikpaq Offshore Platform Caisson Hull for structural strengthening with steel-concrete composite against ice impact and abrasion. NauticAWT’s engineering team will assess…

/ 01 Jun 2017 /